Apple drops HomePod price a year after launch

Apple has slashed the price of the HomePod across all regions where it is available. In the US, the HomePod is now priced at $299 instead of the previous $349. In the UK, it’s now available for £279 instead of £319. Other regions, too, have seen a price drop. The HomePod price drop is somewhat unconventional for Apple. Usually, Apple products keep their price far too long into the product cycle. This is usually seen on Macs, that don’t get updated as often as the iOS devices. One could surmise…

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Samsung says profit slid 60 percent year on year

Samsung Electronics’ first-quarter operating profit slid around 60 percent year-on-year off revenue that declined by about 14 percent, according to preliminary guidance, further illustrating the company’s struggle with falling chip prices. The company had already issued an unprecedented warning last week that its earnings would be lower than market expectations. Total sales are expected to come in at 52 trillion won ($45.7 billion), with operating profit of around 6.2 trillion won ($5.5 billion), according to a statement. Samsung provides these figures alone at the start of each quarter, issuing a more…

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