Apple releases videos that show how the Apple Card works

To coincide with the start of the Apple Card’s preview program, Apple has released a series of videos detailing how you’ll use its upcoming credit card. The videos cover pretty much every aspect of the card’s functionality, from the application and card setup processes, to how to make payments either in-store or online, and the way its rewards work. There’s basically enough here to let you live vicariously through these videos if you haven’t actually been accepted into the preview program. Granted, if you’ve ever actually used either a traditional credit card or Apple Pay before then there’s…

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Aiwear VR headset works without computer or phone attached

VR headsets were hot items at the MWC, there we saw the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. The Vive is just a head-mounted display – a tower PC does all the work (and there are cables tying you down). The Gear VR is tether-free, but requires the use of your smartphone (select few flagship Galaxy phones). Aiwear (a company that mostly builds imitation smartwatches) has found a middle ground – its VR headset doesn’t have cables that get in the way and doesn’t need a phone either. It brings…

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