Why does rebooting your computer almost always fix it?

People and computers can be very similar; in some senses. After a long day of going to the gym, working, running errands and taking care of your family, energy runs low and completing certain tasks become more difficult. At the end of the day, sometimes the best thing to do is to shut down and rest. Think about it, computers are the same way. When a computer is in use, applications are starting and shutting down all the time. After a while it can really overload your computer’s memory. That’s…

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Estimated Samsung Galaxy F bill of materials shows why it will cost $1,800

Korean agency CGS-CIMB Research has posted a report in which it estimates the Bill of Materials (BOM) for the foldable Galaxy F and compares it to a Galaxy S9+ and an iPhone XS Max. The priciest item is the display – or should we say “displays”. The Galaxy F will have one large 7.3” panel that folds down the middle along with an external 4.58” display. There will reportedly be two batteries as well, though that doesn’t add much to the cost (total capacity is expected to be around 5,000-6,000mAh).…

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