Apple wants to have its own 5G modem ready by 2021, report says

Apple just announced that it was acquiring Intel’s 5G modem business for $1 billion, with the implication being that the company is working on developing its own wireless modems for the iPhone. A new report, however, suggests that Apple’s timeline for a self-built iPhone modem may be shorter than expected — the company reportedly wants a working modem by 2021. The report, which comes from Reuters, cites a source familiar with the matter, and contradicts previously reported rumors of a 2022 or 2025 release date. It’s also entirely possible that Apple could have…

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Latest iPad Pro commercial wants you to think of it as a computer

Ever since Apple announced the iPad Pro last year, the company has been pretty insistent on trying to sell it as a computer replacement, maybe not for everything (since Apple does still make actual computer) but for basic tasks at least. The latest iPad Pro commercial tries to hammer down that idea further. It talks about how you can type on the keyboard like a regular computer but then it goes out of the way you don’t need it. It has a touchscreen and you can write on it. You…

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