#BlueforSudan: social media users show solidarity for protester

 The #blueForSudan hashtag has also been used to raise awareness about the protests in the country. Photograph: Guardian People on social media are turning their profile avatars blue and posting blue-themed artwork in memory of 26-year-old Mohamed Mattar, who was killed during an attack by security forces in Sudan at the beginning of June. The hashtag #blueforSudan has been trending internationally on Twitter as people seek to raise broader awareness of the situation in the country. The colour has been chosen because it was the Instagram avatar of Mattar, an engineering graduate.…

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Apple is offering 10 percent bonus to users who add money to their Apple ID

Apple has a sweet surprise for all its users. The Cupertino, California-based company, as a part of a new promotional offer, is giving 10 per cent bonus to users who add funds to their Apple ID accounts. According to a report by Mac Rumours, the company is offering 10 per cent bonus to all those who use their credit or debit cards to add money to their Apple IDs. This includes making iTunes, App Store, and iCloud purchases.   As per the screenshot shared by the publication, the offer is…

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