Apple reveals special new iPhones for security researchers

Apple is planning to supply special iPhones to security researchers next year to help them find security flaws in iOS. The devices will be made available to researchers that report bugs through the company’s invitation-only bug bounty program for iOS. Apple first launched this bug bounty program three years ago at the Black Hat conference, and it’s now extending its use at the same conference today to cover macOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more. Apple’s iOS Security Research Device program will be available to researchers with a track record of high-quality security…

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Researchers Build Computer-on-a-Chip Prototype

Stanford researchers led an international team of engineers that figured out how to pack many functions of a computer onto a single chip, including processing circuits, memory storage, and a power supply. The prototype’s data processing and memory circuits use less than a tenth as much electricity as comparable electronic devices, yet still perform many advanced computing feats. The prototype is built around data storage technology called resistive random-access memory (RRAM), which can pack more data into less space than any other form of memory and retains data when the…

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