Qualcomm seeks $31 million in damages from Apple in California patent suit

That figure based on estimates of iPhones sold between July 2017 and last fall, and a fee of $1.40 per infringing device, according to Patrick Kennedy, an economist and managing director at Torrey Partners, reports CNET. Qualcomm is suing over Apple’s use of Intel modems, which are allegedly violating multiple power-related patents. Kennedy was cross-examined by an Apple lawyer who argued he was exaggerating the value of patented technology. It’s not clear if Apple’s team raised the issue of the patents’ validity or cast doubt on infringement. Damages of $31 million is paltry next…

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Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon 850 chipset for Windows computers

Qualcomm partnered with Microsoft for official Windows 10 support on the Snapdragon 835, which was extended to the 845 chip a year later. It seems that these Windows-on-ARM portable computers have proven successful enough to warrant a dedicated chip. The Snapdragon 850 isn’t an entirely new chip – it’s a faster 845 – and it is aimed squarely at Windows ultra portables. It features 8 cores as before with the “big” cluster clocked higher than the phone version. The Lenovo ELZE1 Europe powered by Snapdragon 850 The Kryo 385 Gold…

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