iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus discontinued in India: Apple to now focus on premium iPhone models

Apple’s iPhone series is considered as an aspirational commodity for a majority of Indians but the Cupertino tech giant has been struggling in pushing enough units. The current generation models, such as the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, come at a high premium which deters many potential buyers from investing in these phones. Most of the times, buyers opt for the older but cheaper models and Apple has been happily pushing out very old iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series models. However, newer Android phones at these…

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Samsung Galaxy M40 to replace Galaxy M30 as most premium Galaxy M phone: All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy M40 is coming soon(Samsung ) Samsung earlier this year introduced a new Galaxy M series of budget and mid-range phones for India. Taking on Xiaomi’s popular Redmi series, Samsung’s new Galaxy M phones offer competitive set of specifications along with affordable price tags. Its Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30 have received mostly positive reviews. So far, Galaxy M30 has been the most premium Galaxy M phone. But it might change soon as Samsung is working on a new Galaxy M40 smartphone with better specifications and features. The latest Galaxy M…

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Asus CEO Jerry Shen Resigns as Company Shifts Focus to Premium Mobile Devices

Asus has reportedly announced the exit of CEO Jerry Shen in the wake of a “comprehensive corporate transformation”, with a move to a new co-CEO structure, and a change in mobile strategy towards premium and niche mobile devices. Shen’s departure will be effective from January 1, and he would be succeeded by two new co-CEOs – SY Hsu, the current general manager of the company’s PC division, and Samsun Hu, the general manager for Asus’ global customer services department. As for Shen, he will be moving on to iFast, an…

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