For some people, their phone is the only computer they need

I’m writing this blog post from my phone. Well, not completely from my phone as there’s a bit of formatting needed that’s just too difficult to do without a keyboard no matter how much Zanax there is in the world. But I’ve written enough of it to say that I did it from a phone and not feel like I’m bending the truth. 60 minutes of working from a phone and I call uncle. I’m not cut out for it. Why I’m doing it from my phone is something I want to…

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Social Media 

People Addicted To Social Media Have This In Common With Drug Addicts

According to a new study the decision-making attributes of excessive social media users has been likened to those of drug addicts and gamblers. It’s scary, but the research, designed to raise awareness about the hidden mental health traps affecting young adults online has shown that the risky decision-making behaviours of social media overusers is comparable to people battling substance addiction. Seventy-one participants between the ages of 18-35 took part in the study which first measured their psychological dependence on Facebook through a survey. Image: Getty Participants then performed 100 trials…

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