Apple drops prices of older iPhones, iPhone XR and Watch Series 3. Check latest rates

Ahead of the festive season, Apple has slashed the price of iPhone XR, iPhone XS in India. Cupertino-based smartphone maker unveiled iPhone 11 at a starting price of ₹64,900 on September 10. Following the launch of iPhone 11 series, Apple has dropped the prices of several older iPhone models and Apple watches in the country. Apple’s recent price drop on older iPhone models are in the range of 10-30%. Among the older models, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max — that were launched last year — received a…

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Samsung Galaxy J4+ and J6+ are the latest phones getting Android Pie update

Samsung recently rolled out the Android Pie update for the Galaxy J8 in India, and now, this South Korean tech giant is seeding this latest version of Android for two more smartphones – Galaxy J4+ and Galaxy J6+. The update weighs more than 1GB in size and carries security patch that’s dated April 1, 2019. It also comes with One UI which is the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom Android skin. That said, unlike previous rollouts, Samsung has this time released Android Pie in multiple markets. The Galaxy J4+ is receiving it in Ukraine, Thailand,…

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Let’s have a look at some of the latest mobile mapping products

3D mobile mapping is revolutionizing the measurement, visualization and analysis of the physical world. In the recent past, it has become one of the most important technologiesavailable. Through the combination of advanced imagery, measurement capture tools and a variety of mobile transportation platforms, 3D Mobile Mapping assists to map inaccessible areas quickly and effectively where other methods take weeks to do so. It is a versatile system that offers significant operational flexibility, outstanding performance, and value with low cost of ownership, optimizes staff utilization, reduces project timescale through fast deployment data capture and analysis, and…

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Latest iPad Pro commercial wants you to think of it as a computer

Ever since Apple announced the iPad Pro last year, the company has been pretty insistent on trying to sell it as a computer replacement, maybe not for everything (since Apple does still make actual computer) but for basic tasks at least. The latest iPad Pro commercial tries to hammer down that idea further. It talks about how you can type on the keyboard like a regular computer but then it goes out of the way you don’t need it. It has a touchscreen and you can write on it. You…

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