Apple highlights iPad Pro’s productivity prowess in new ad series

Published to Apple’s official YouTube channel, the five shorts run just over a minute each and highlight unique iPad Pro capabilities including powerful hardware, integration with Apple Pencil, access to a bevy of iOS apps and more. Like previous “how to” ads from Apple, the iPad Pro spots released today highlight both first- and third-party software. Each commercial was filmed, edited and designed on iPad Pro. The first ad, “A new way to take notes,” shows what users can do with iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple Pencil and note taking…

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New Apple iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 come with the fastest mobile chipsets

If the new MacBook Air is the new MacBook, then the new iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air. Apple says it’s more powerful than 92% of laptops out there and it’s running the full-blown versions of Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk AutoCAD and, yes, it could easily transform into a laptop-like device with keyboard or even a desktop with an external monitor. There’s so much to cover, but we have to start with the new screens. With thinner bezels, Apple fit larger screen in the same body on the iPad…

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Latest iPad Pro commercial wants you to think of it as a computer

Ever since Apple announced the iPad Pro last year, the company has been pretty insistent on trying to sell it as a computer replacement, maybe not for everything (since Apple does still make actual computer) but for basic tasks at least. The latest iPad Pro commercial tries to hammer down that idea further. It talks about how you can type on the keyboard like a regular computer but then it goes out of the way you don’t need it. It has a touchscreen and you can write on it. You…

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