This neat stand turns your Apple Watch into a classic Apple iPod

Accessories company Elago recently its latest product, a neat stand that makes your Apple Watch look like a classic iPod (via 9to5Mac). The W6 stand works with all of Apple’s Watches (Series 1-4), and works with the device’s Nightstand mode. The stand will charge the watch, and can act as a neat, retro alarm clock. You can pick one up in the classic white with gray touch-wheel, or in black with a red one. It also won’t break the bank: it runs for $15 from the company. Elago has done this sort of…

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AFib gadget packs BP monitor, ECG into singular device

Omron Healthcare launched its latest innovation, Complete, May 1, marking the first time a blood pressure (BP) monitor with electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities has hit the commercial market. Complete was recently cleared by the FDA, Omron said in a release, and is reportedly the first-ever BP monitor to incorporate ECG abilities into a single device. The monitor is paired with an upper-arm cuff that allows users to simultaneously monitor their BP and ECG readings at home. “Complete is a groundbreaking tool for patients managing AFib and for those who suspect they may…

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