Apple can reach $1 trillion again if it launches a “media bundle” in 2019, says Morgan Stanley

As Apple rebounds from its first earnings call predicated with a guidance revision in 16 years, many analysts remain skeptical of the company’s ability to regain its trillion-dollar status. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, however, offers a different take, via CNBC.  Huberty believes that if Apple successfully launches a so called “media bundle” in 2019, comprised of music, television streaming and a Texture news subscription, the company will see significant growth as the bank currently targets AAPL’s 12 month share price at $211. For reference, AAPL closed at just over $166 on Friday with a $785 billion market cap.…

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Mobile phone recycling 

How To Recycle Your Old Phone If You’re Due For That Upgrade

Whether you upgrade your smartphone every year, or you’re still loving your iPhone 6 (no judgment here), at some point, you’ll probably have an old phone or two lying around. And while it might seem like the least pressing thing on your to-do list, recycling your old phone is actually a great idea. Not only does it help reduce landfill waste, recycling your cell phone also has additional environmental benefits. According to a study examining the impact of unrecycled phones on gorilla habitats, published by researchers at the University of…

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Oculus Rift will arrive on Mac if Apple “ever releases a good computer”

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was asked during an interview when the will they be adding Mac support to the Rift. His answer was simple, when Apple releases a good computer. Other than being the burn of the year so far, it’s also true. Luckey’s reasoning is that the current Macs simply do not have the graphical power to run something as intensive as VR on the Rift. Even the most powerful Mac Pro, with dual AMD FirePro D700 GPU, falls short of a single NVIDIA GTX 970, which is the…

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