Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might go buttonless; here’s all we know

Samsung unveiled its tenth anniversary Galaxy smartphones only recently but rumour mills are clunking into action already for the company’s next flagship – Galaxy Note 10. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series of smartphones were well received and the expectations are sky high with the next instalment of the Galaxy Note device. However, according to the South Korean publication ETNews, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not have any buttons this time, not even for Bixby. Samsung is planning to replace the physical buttons with gestures and some sensors. So, there…

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Social Media 

Here’s the key to social media marketing for real estate agents and LOs

Most real estate and mortgage professionals agree that creating content and using social media is vital to reaching customers and referral partners in today’s market.   As important as it is, many of them still find it overwhelming. Social media is often romanticized as a magic bullet, and when the luster wears off and the work begins, many are left frustrated.   I get a lot of feedback about the frustration that comes from not knowing what kind of content to create, finding the time to create it, and deciding…

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Apple has made some big changes in recent months – here’s a look at the top new hires and moves you might have missed

For Apple, 2019 is already shaping up to be a year marked by change. Following the company’s announcement in November that it would no longer break out iPhone unit sales in earnings reports, the firm is making several key leadership changes as it prioritizes other emerging product segments like digital services, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, which The Wall Street Journaloutlined in a report on Monday. The changes are likely part of an ongoing effort by Apple to reduce its reliance on the iPhone as it grapples with plummeting smartphone sales. Here’s a look at…

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Here’s How Much Computer Programmers Earn in Each State

The Amazon World Headquarters Campus Spheres in Seattle. Washington state boasts the highest average annual wage for computer programmers in the U.s.GETTY In today’s skill-intensive job market, having practical working knowledge of computers (and the internet) is a non-negotiable — it’s simply essential. Not surprisingly, the role of a computer programmer has experienced a meteoric rise in demand, pay and general awareness over the years, at least since the digital boom of the 1990s. The average income of computer programmers has reached $87,530 as of 2017, according to the latest data…

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