The Samsung Galaxy Fold, again: Hard to love, even harder to hate

+ The Galaxy Fold lives. I don’t just mean in the vague “Samsung bounces back from a fiasco” sense, either. My Galaxy Fold, which I’ve been tossing around for weeks, opening and closing it like a madman, mostly works the same as it did the day I unboxed it. Had the Fold failed again the way it did earlier this year, it might have been enough to seriously derail Samsung’s grand, foldable ambitions. This review would’ve been totally different, too. I could’ve gotten on my high horse and said a few things…

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Apple’s holiday quarter hit market share hard, but still second-largest smartphone producer

The iPhone XR and the iPhone XS Max, launched just before the fourth quarter. Apple’s holiday quarter results revealed iPhone revenue was down 15 percent compared to last year, but unit figures were not provided by the company under its new reporting policy. According to data produced by Gartner, the number of units did go down but at a lower percentage of 11.8 percent, which is believed to be the worst quarterly decline for the company since the first quarter of 2016.  Gartner claims iPhone unit sales reached 64.5 million in the quarter, down from…

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Spotify has been writing several terabytes of data to your computer’s hard drive for months

According to a report by Ars Technica, Spotify has reportedly been writing huge amount of junk data to your computer’s storage for almost five months now. The Spotify app for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been found to write hundreds of gigabytes of data to your computer, whether the app is being used or idle. It doesn’t actually store anything but the constant writing can wear down your storage device, especially if it is an SSD, which tend to have limited write cycles. This can significantly reduce the life of…

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