Qualcomm seeks $31 million in damages from Apple in California patent suit

That figure based on estimates of iPhones sold between July 2017 and last fall, and a fee of $1.40 per infringing device, according to Patrick Kennedy, an economist and managing director at Torrey Partners, reports CNET. Qualcomm is suing over Apple’s use of Intel modems, which are allegedly violating multiple power-related patents. Kennedy was cross-examined by an Apple lawyer who argued he was exaggerating the value of patented technology. It’s not clear if Apple’s team raised the issue of the patents’ validity or cast doubt on infringement. Damages of $31 million is paltry next…

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Sony Mobile will let go 200 staff from Swedish office as it tries to halve costs

Sony Mobile has been losing money and market share and the parent company has come up with a plan to address the first part – it will cut the division’s expenses in half over the next several years. This starts with a round of downsizing at the office in Lund, Sweden. This office was formerly the HQ of Sony Mobile, but that moved to Tokyo years ago. Still, the Lund office employs some 1,200 people. There aren’t many details known, but it seems like 800 of those are directly employed…

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Pushbullet now lets you send MMS messages from your computer

Vlad 13 January, 2016 Mobile software Android Pushbullet Pushbullet is the service that will, for example, mirror the notifications that you get on your phone to your computer. It also lets you send text messages from your computer (because it links your phone with it), and now it’s received yet another new feature. From this point on, not only can you send texts, but also MMS messages from your computer. So yes, you can now attach pictures to messages, and these will be sent along as MMS messages. Do note…

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