Forget iPhone 11; Samsung Galaxy S11 is what you need

The iPhone is yet to be launched, but it is facing stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S11 model that’s due to be launched in 2020 first quarter. It is six months away, but leaks and a rumour are dropping fast, and if you have plans to buy the iPhone 11, then this is a kind suggestion that you should look away now. The latest information comes via the ever reliant @IceUniverse who claims that Galaxy S11 has arrived in the research and development stage and with it, we get an…

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Forget iPhone 11, Apple’s Next Radical iPhones Revealed

Worried about Apple’s objectively ugly new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2? You now have a very good reason to skip them. Left to right: iPhone XR2, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11 – renders based on extensive leaks EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO Having attained a leaked report from financial giant Barclays, the ever-excellent MacRumors reveals Apple will bring back Touch ID for its 2020 iPhone. And, in typical Apple-style, it will late to the in-display reader trend seen this year but deliver a technological leap beyond anything we have experienced so far. Barclays states that the big differentiator is…

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