A foldable iPhone: Will Apple bend to the trend?

In this week’s Apple Core rundown, we’ll take a look at how Apple fits into the foldable phone trend and the hurdles it has to clear to make an iPhone bend. We’ll also learn about the latest health feature rumored to be coming to the Apple Watch, and the 10 winning pics from Apple’s Shot on iPhone Challenge photography contest have been revealed. Will Apple launch a foldable iPhone? The foldable phone trend has taken 2019 by storm, with companies such as Samsung, Huawei and FlexPai unveiling the bendable devices that will soon be in consumers’…

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Oppo will show its foldable phone at the Mobile World Congress 2019

Oppo will show its first foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2019. The confirmation comes straight from Oppo’s Product Manager Chuck Wang. While he didn’t disclose any specifics about the foldable phone, Wang has mentioned that Oppo will deliver a 5G smartphone in 2020 and will also aim to release its first phone with a display cutout in 2020. Foldable phones will likely prove a key focus in 2019. Samsung already provided a glimpse of its Galaxy F foldable smartphone and is expected to give…

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