Oculus Rift will arrive on Mac if Apple “ever releases a good computer”

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was asked during an interview when the will they be adding Mac support to the Rift. His answer was simple, when Apple releases a good computer. Other than being the burn of the year so far, it’s also true. Luckey’s reasoning is that the current Macs simply do not have the graphical power to run something as intensive as VR on the Rift. Even the most powerful Mac Pro, with dual AMD FirePro D700 GPU, falls short of a single NVIDIA GTX 970, which is the…

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Newly released Opera 43 for computers is the fastest version ever

With Chrome dominating the desktop browser space, it’s easy to forget that there are alternatives out there. One of the oldest is Opera, and today the company behind that browser has announced a new version as being available. Opera 43 is claimed to be the fastest version ever, and it brings a few new features to achieve that title. First, instant page loading predicts which URL you’re typing in the address bar before you’ve finished typing it, and proceeds to load that website in the background. So when you do…

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