Apple Details Indian Government Requests for Customer Data

The Indian government has asked Apple to provide information for 27 devices and 18 accounts in the January-June 2018 period, with the company providing data in most of the cases owing to an iTunes Gift Card fraud investigation. The number of government requests – in various formats such as subpoenas, court orders, warrants or other valid legal requests – also included 34 financial identifiers and three emergency requests, Apple said in its Transparency report released late Monday. For device requests, Apple provided data to the Indian government in 63 percent…

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Spotify has been writing several terabytes of data to your computer’s hard drive for months

According to a report by Ars Technica, Spotify has reportedly been writing huge amount of junk data to your computer’s storage for almost five months now. The Spotify app for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been found to write hundreds of gigabytes of data to your computer, whether the app is being used or idle. It doesn’t actually store anything but the constant writing can wear down your storage device, especially if it is an SSD, which tend to have limited write cycles. This can significantly reduce the life of…

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