Are You Sitting Incorrectly In Front Of Your Computer? This Simple Change Could Make All The Difference

For a lot of us, the majority of the working week is spent sitting in front of a laptop, and this can lead to a bad crick in the neck, as well as some serious long-term health problems. So, the question is, are you sitting incorrectly in front of your computer? Not a lot of people know that the pain we experience may actually be down to something as minor as the position of our head. If you want avoid spending huge amounts of money on massage treatments and chiropractor appointments,…

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Youth killed in Bulandshahr violence could be part of mob that pelted stones on slain policeman

A new video has surfaced online, suggesting the 20-year-old youth, who was killed in a mob violence over alleged cow slaughter in Bulandshahr, could be a part of the group that pelted stones on policemen. It is not clear whether the three-minute mobile phone video is original or edited and police said it would comment only after it is examined. A mob of some 400 people, including right-wing activists, on Monday violently rampaged through the Chingrawathi village, apparently after cow carcasses were found strewn in a jungle nearby. The mob…

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Fourth Samsung Galaxy S10 model pops up, could be the 5G variant

So far, three model numbers are linked to the future Galaxy S10 models – SM-G970, SM-G973 and SM-G975, which should correspond to the Galaxy S10 Lite, S10 and S10+. So the fourth one comes as something of a surprise. The new addition to the rumor mill is SM-G977 and the only variations of this model are the American SM-G977U and South Korean SM-G977N. The European SM-G977F is still nowhere to be seen, which suggests that this particular version is not far into the development process like the three main ones.…

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