Samsung Galaxy S10 may have been revealed by the company ahead of February 20 launch

In a blog post published Monday outlining the company’s new One UI design, Samsung may have accidentally displayed the interface on the upcoming Galaxy S10 before its official release; on Thursday, the images were swapped for those of a more generic-looking device. Samsung may have accidentally posted a pic of the Galaxy S10 themselves before its official release next month. As spotted by redditor qgtx, the blog post that the company published on Monday showing off the new One UI design features was hastily updated three days later, changing what…

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Asus CEO Jerry Shen Resigns as Company Shifts Focus to Premium Mobile Devices

Asus has reportedly announced the exit of CEO Jerry Shen in the wake of a “comprehensive corporate transformation”, with a move to a new co-CEO structure, and a change in mobile strategy towards premium and niche mobile devices. Shen’s departure will be effective from January 1, and he would be succeeded by two new co-CEOs – SY Hsu, the current general manager of the company’s PC division, and Samsun Hu, the general manager for Asus’ global customer services department. As for Shen, he will be moving on to iFast, an…

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