You should opt out of the Apple Card’s arbitration clause — here’s how

So you’ve heard about Apple’s new credit card, and you want to give it a try. Before you sign on the dotted line, there is at least one aspect of Apple’s agreement (besides any fees and percentage rates) that you’ll want to pay attention to: the arbitration clause. Arbitration clauses have become extremely popular in agreements between companies and consumers — and for good reason. When you agree to arbitration, you are basically putting most of the advantages in the company’s court. For example, most arbitration clauses deny you the opportunity…

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Apple Employees Starting to Receive Apple Cards (Photos)

Mobile leaker Ben Geskin shared images on Twitter of the consumer packaging of the new Apple credit card coming from Apple. Geskin reports some Apple employees are already starting to get the card which was announced in March. In the images, the actual Apple employee’s name was replaced by Geskin’s to protect their identify. The packaging shows a similar pairing process as the AirPods, with instructions to “Wake iPhone and hold here.” The Apple Card resides both digitally in your iPhone for Apple Pay payments but also comes in a physical form made entirely of titanium. The card…

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ADATA unveils XPG microSD cards for mobile gamers, 512GB unit in tow

ADATA has unveiled its own entry into the 512GB microSD genre – actually, it’s a whole line of XPG microSD cards, which are being targeted at mobile gamers. They come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, the exact availability and pricing details will vary by country. The company sees these cards being used in smartphones, as well as mobile consoles like the Nintendo Switch, mobile VR headsets and other portable devices. The ADATA XPG microSD cards feature Application Performance Class 1 (A1), which guarantees 1,500/500 IOPS for read/write. We don’t…

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