Mobile phone recycling 

Cellphones are endangering gorillas, but recycling old ones can help

In the Congo basin, minerals used in cellphones and other electronics are often mined by illegal, small-scale miners who end up hurting wildlife for food and driving them away from their habitat. You can do something to change this. A mother gorilla holds her child in a jungle in Congo. Gorillas are driven away from their habitats by small-scale miners who dig for coltan, a mineral used in cellphones and other electronics. Image: FredR, CC BY-NC 2.0 You probably use it every day and don’t think once about gorillas. In today’s world, it’s…

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Are You Sitting Incorrectly In Front Of Your Computer? This Simple Change Could Make All The Difference

For a lot of us, the majority of the working week is spent sitting in front of a laptop, and this can lead to a bad crick in the neck, as well as some serious long-term health problems. So, the question is, are you sitting incorrectly in front of your computer? Not a lot of people know that the pain we experience may actually be down to something as minor as the position of our head. If you want avoid spending huge amounts of money on massage treatments and chiropractor appointments,…

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