Samsung Cancels US Launch For Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung’s expanded Galaxy Note 10 range delivers two of the best smartphones of 2019, but the company’s real revolution lies elsewhere. And Samsung is blowing it.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold launch is a mess - again


Just one day before Samsung was due to reopen sales of the hugely ambitious but embarrassingly cursed Galaxy Fold, the company has confirmed to CNet that it has cancelled the flagship model (the Galaxy Fold 5G) for the United States. And the rest of the news will annoy US customers even more.

While Samsung gave no reason for the US cancellation, it did tell CNet that the Galaxy Fold 5G launches were still on for Europe (initially the UK and Germany) and Asia (initially Korea). Meanwhile, US buyers will be limited to the 4G Galaxy Fold, a somewhat pointless option for a phone which costs $2,000. This is a kick in the teeth, considering the US is at the forefront of 5G telecoms.

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Rubbing salt into the wound, Samsung also told The Verge it has cancelled all Galaxy Fold preorders with customers being compensated with a $250 Samsung store credit. So even if you wanted the 4G edition, you’ll have to queue again. Samsung said this was because it wants to “ensure that you have the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology,” a seemingly nonsensical argument.

Galaxy Fold multitasking capabilities when unfolded


All-in-all, however, this latest debacle seems entirely in keeping with the Fold’s farcical and horrendously delayed route to market. My suggestion? Stay away from the Galaxy Fold (and all first-gen folding smartphones, for that matter) and switch your focus to the 11th-gen model Samsung looks set to ace.

With five months still to go before launch, we already know the Samsung’s Galaxy S11 has a groundbreaking cameraupgraded designbig performance boostnext-gen memory and (potentially) mind-blowing battery tech that will make the Note 10’s 45W Super Fast charging look antiquated. 5G is also expected to come as standard.

It’s a no brainer.


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