Apple’s iPhone 11 could come with shatter resistant glass

iPhone 11

Apple is expected to launch its next generation iPhone series comprising of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at a special event on September 10. The iPhone 11 series of smartphones are expected to pack several upgrades over the company’s 2018 iPhones. The camera, among others, is likely to be one of the major points of differences between the two generation of iPhones. Now a new report indicates that the iPhone 11 series of smartphones will shatter resistant glass that will protect the device from accidental falls better.

Apple uses glass on both front and back side of its iPhones. Over the years, Apple has improved the durability of its iPhones. It has even added water and dust resistant technology to its iPhones. And yet, its not entirely uncommon to see people carrying iPhones with shattered glass backs. What makes the matter worse is the exorbitant iPhone prices and the high cost of repairing them. But now, a report by Bloomberg indicates that the company is planning to added shatter resistant glass to its iPhone 11 that would enable them stand better against accidental falls or drops.

The report, however, did not elborate on the details such as what this technology will be and how effective it would be. This means that we will have to wait for the company to launch the device to know just how shatter resistant the 2019 iPhones will be.

Separately, the report also talked about a number of other aspects of the iPhone 11. A number of reports in the past have indicated that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max successors – possibly iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – would come with a triple rear camera setup. Now, the new report indicates that the third lens included in the camera system would be ultra wide angle lens. It would not only enable users to capture a larger viewing area but also capture three images simultaneously. The company’s AI software will then combine the image to give a corrected image automatically. The third lens will also improve the low-light photography capabilities.

Besides this the 2019 iPhones will come with better video recording capabilities that will enable users to apply effects, crop, reframe a video live while recording it. The next generation iPhone will come with an upgraded Face ID camera that would allow the front camera to capture a wider area and for the users to unlock the iPhone from an angle that is convinient to them.

The iPhone XR successor – possibly the iPhone 11 – as numerous reports have stated in the past will come with a dual rear camera setup that will help with zooming the image and enhance the portrait mode. The three new iPhones will also come with enhanced water resistant technology (the 2018 iPhones use IP68 dust and water resistant technology) that will protect the upcoming iPhones from water for a longer duration.


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