Apple working on a foldable iPad with 5G connectivity, likely to be launched next year


The year 2019 has been all about 5G phones and foldable display phones. We have already seen Samsung and Huawei launching their foldable display phones – the Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X – at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 earlier this year. And now, it looks like another tech giant might be gearing to launch a device that combines both these trends into a single device.

Apple is working on a new iPad model that will come with foldable display and feature 5G connectivity, Economic Daily News wrote quote IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin. As per his prediction, the new iPad with a foldable screen will come with a screen size is similar to the current Macbook product lineup, which means that the foldable display iPad when unfolded would open into an iPad that comes with either a 13-inch screen or a 15-inch screen.

In addition to that the foldable display iPad would have Apple’s latest A-series chipset in its core that the company could launch it as soon as next year. This means that the foldable display iPad is likely to come with either A13 or A14 chipset depending on when the company launches the device, should it decide to launch it in the first place.

In terms of the design, it remains uncertain if Apple’s foldable-display iPad would come a design that is closer to the foldable display phones offered by Samsung and Huawei or if it will come with a display on each of the folding screens that would also serve as the keyboard.

Notably, reports circulating online suggest that Apple will launch a 5G enabled iPhone next year. However, there is no concrete evidence from the company so far. However, reports indicate that a 5G iPhone from Apple isn’t expected until late 2020. Amid the given circumstances, it is highly unlikely that Apple will launch foldable display iPad in the first half of 2020. That that, all these reports should be taken with a pinch of salt and we will have to wait until we hear an official word from Apple to know more about the device.


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