Apple now asks you to confirm App Store subscriptions

It’s a bit too easy to accidentally pay for a subscription through the Apple App Store if you use TouchID — all it takes is a misplaced finger on the home screen. Now, the tech giant is finally addressing the issue by addingan extra step to the process. When you hit the subscribe button and authenticate with TouchID or FaceID, you’ll now see a pop-up notice asking you to confirm your subscription or to cancel the process if you change your mind. “The subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends,” it reads.

App developer David Barnard first noticed the change, and 9to5Mac has confirmed that it’s already live. The feature apparently started rolling out last week.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Apple has been refining the App Store subscription process over the past months to keep unscrupulous developers out. In January, the company started banning apps that hide real subscription fees in tiny print to trick you into agreeing to higher amounts than what you’re willing to pay.


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