Apple kills a popular iPhone feature

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Apple discontinues popular iPhone feature: Apple is one of the market leaders in terms of technology and has time and again proved to be a game changer for the technology industry. However, this time Apple has been forced to go back a little and get rid of the 3D Touch feature.

The announcement was made during the WWDC 2019 where the beta version of the iOS 13 was announced. This feature was launched with the iPhone 6S and had continued in the latest iPhone models which were XS and XS Max. The problem that Apple faced with 3D Touch was that older versions of the iPhones did not support it. This became a hindrance for the company as well as the developers.

Users will no longer be able to press the screen and make the shortcuts pop up.

Apple’s latest software the iOS 13 is set to launch in September but the beta version of the software has been released. The beta testers who are using iOS 13 have found that the 3D Touch feature has been replaced by the company.

Last year, Apple had launched iPhone XR that supports Haptic Touch and will be replacing the 3D Touch, rumours suggest.

However, this may not be the end for the 3D Touch as Apple Watch still supports 3D Touch technology and it is available on all the watches that Apple has released to date. The problems with 3D Touch were mostly faced by iPhone and iPad users as they lacked the pressure sensitive screen.

Apple during WWDC had announced the new look of iOS with Dark Mode. The company has also brought new features to Photos, Maps, Messages and a lot more. It also released a new operating system, called iPadOS, for the iPad which sports a new home screen and also allows users to work on multiple apps at once. iPad users will get the experience of desktop-style browsing.


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