Apple is offering 10 percent bonus to users who add money to their Apple ID

Apple Apple has a sweet surprise for all its users. The Cupertino, California-based company, as a part of a new promotional offer, is giving 10 per cent bonus to users who add funds to their Apple ID accounts.

According to a report by Mac Rumours, the company is offering 10 per cent bonus to all those who use their credit or debit cards to add money to their Apple IDs. This includes making iTunes, App Store, and iCloud purchases.


As per the screenshot shared by the publication, the offer is valid on purchases ranging between $10 (Rs 700 approx) and $200 (Rs 14,000 approx). While the company is offering $1 on purchase worth $10, it is offering $2.50 if users add $25 to their Apple ID account. Similarly, users will get $5 on adding $50 to their accounts and $10 on adding $100 to their accounts. Lastly, Apple is offering $20 on purchase worth $200.

Adding funds (and getting bonus) using the promotional offer is really simple. All Apple users need to do is follow these simple steps: open up the Settings app, tap on your account name, select the iTunes and App Store option, choose your Apple ID and select Add Funds to Apple ID option.

Once users have selected the above mentioned option, they will be directed to a page where they be asked to select to amount they want to transfer. The transfer amount will also reflect the bonus that will be credited to their accounts.

Alternatively, these options are also available in the iTunes Store and in the App Store. However, users will need to have a valid payment option linked with their Apple ID accounts to be able to use this feature and get the corresponding bonus.

Notably, the offer is available between March 10 and March 14 in the US and in select European nations.

Interestingly, the bonus comes amid the reports that the tech giant, in partnership with the American banking giant Goldman Sachs is planning to launch its own credit card that will allow Apple users to better manage their finances. It is expected to be an extension of the company’s digital health campaign and focus on users’ financial health. Early reports, suggests that the company could launch the services as soon as in April 2019.


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